Social Media Secrets Mini-Training


When I left my agency, I needed to build a personal brand for my new coaching business from scratch. I started literally from zero and in a little over 2 years, I was able to accomplish the following:

-grew my main social channel to over 60k followers

-grew to over 30k newsletter subscribers

-was able to generate 7 figures in coaching income organically

I did all of this without advertising nor automated tools solely using organic inbound marketing strategies combined with social selling. Today I will teach you how.

Here is What You'll Learn

In this masterclass, you'll learn:

  • How to Use Content to Monetise
  • My social media strategy that takes less than 30 minutes daily (free downloadable for participants!)
  • How to Build a Funnel With The 5 C's
  1. You’ll get fully up to speed on EVERYTHING you need to know to confidently start (or ramp up) your lead generation THIS YEAR and beyond.
  2. You’ll walk away with renewed excitement and a clear path to start implementing everything we talk about… instead of being left with the frustration of “why isn’t social media working for my business?”
  3. As an attendee (yep, you gotta show up for this), you’ll get all the details on a state-of-the art lead generation strategy that works – this is the stuff I use in my own business and it won’t be shared anywhere else.

Benefits for All Attendees:

-Lifetime access to the training

-Social Media Goals workbook PDF

-5 C's of Social Media cheat sheet PDF

-Surprise Bonus: Join to See!

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What People Are Saying:

When I started working with Krista, I informed her my word of the year was Clarity. She immediately began to bring that word to life in my business. The level of inquiries that are converting to clients, has increased at least 3X in the last 45 days! If you know you need help with your biz, talk to Krista she rocks!

Chris C.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Krista Mollion and her 5 Day LinkedIn Challenge. I've known Krista for a while now and she has a unique approach which is very effective. Her challenge helped me to 'Fine Tune' the vital details of my strategy, my branding and my approach. She's a brutal business coach who has the courage to tell you like it is, and let's face it, that's what most people really need to hear, the honest truth! Well done Krista and Thank You kindly. Derick 😎😎

Derick M.

Simply amazing! These are the words that come to mind when I think of Krista! I've met Krista on Linkedin and she hasn't ceased to impress me. I've been part of her mastermind and every week, she provides us with tons of knowledge, She takes time to listen to each of us, providing us with tips and ideas on how we can improve our respective businesses. She is a great coach, mentor and motivator, she inspires all. And when you need to speak to her in a 1-on-1, she always takes the time to speak with you, to support you and guide you. She has so much knowledge not only from a business perspective but also about all the tools and everything that is going on out there. She provided me with the clarity I needed and helped me prioritize my next steps. I am truly grateful for Krista. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking to move to the next level.

Virginie L.

Krista shines as a true leader and coach. She taught me how to run my business more successfully, she supported me with insights and advice. Krista is also writing her own book which I can’t wait to read, freely shares useful information and looks out for her clients. I highly recommend hiring Krista for coaching services and, if you are lucky, she may invite you to one of her next Business Clubs.

Irina J.

Krista is an amazing force! What she doesn’t know about sales, marketing and strategy, you don’t need to know! I joined Krista’s mastermind & it’s been invaluable in helping me to define where I want to be, and how I plan to grow & scale my business. Krista is one of the kindest most genuine people I have met, and I am honored to be part of her group. She has a special knack to lifting you up and inspiring you to dream big & go after your dreams. Thank you Krista. I’ll be forever grateful for your guidance.

Charlotte S.

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In this 90-minute recorded workshop, you will learn steps A to Z how to make 1k in 10 days. 


Coaches, consultants, freelancers, creatives, subject matter experts, solopreneurs and anyone who has a skill they master at an expert level and can monetize on


Anyone who doesn't have an expert skill they can monetize on 


90 minutes of virtual on-demand training 

Bonus Workbook to Plan Your Launch

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