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“Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.”

– Zig Ziglar


LinkedIn Is a B2B Goldmine!

How I Used LinkedIn to Build a 7-Figure Consultancy

In 2017, I sold my shares of my brick and mortar agency business and headed out solo. I took a lot of time off (first long vacation in years) but by the end of 2017, I decided it was time to return to work. My first destination was LinkedIn, at first for job opportunities (and later for my new company). Read my story below ... 

Where I Started

-Approx. 700 followers, all from my old agency work
-Old profile related to my agency
-No content except for a couple of likes and shares
-Zero engagement (views, likes, or comments) on my profile
-No opportunities


Where I Am Now

-Almost 70 000 followers
-Almost 20 000 email subscribers from LinkedIn
-Grew my solo consultancy to 7 figures in revenue primarily from LinkedIn
-Millions of views on my profile and a ton of engagement
-A thriving business with regular inbound inquiries 



 Some of My LinkedIn Stats

Now I Teach Other Business Owners How to Drive Their Sales Using LinkedIn

This Course Is Not Right For You If You Aren't Planning to Use LinkedIn for Business

Who Should Not Take This Training 

 -You are on LinkedIn NOT for business reasons
-You just want vanity metrics
-You are planning on spamming people
-You are flaky and won't follow through
-You want miracle results in 30 days or less
-You hate content and have no intention of posting 

Who Should Take This Training 

-You are on LinkedIn for business reasons
-You want clients, not vanity
-You are a legitimate business person
-You take it serious and want to succeed
-You understand it will take time
-You commit to posting content on a regular schedule

About Your Instructor



After building my own startup from zero to 8-figures as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and 20+ yr in marketing, I have the answers you seek (and the battle scars to prove it). Come coach with me, and I'll get you back on the right track, with a clear plan to drive business and peace of mind that you will never struggle again. 
I designed this course for small business owners to learn a non-spammy approach to selling.
I coach and teach new and growing entrepreneurs how to build profitable online businesses. I use LinkedIn to find B2B clients. If you want, I will teach you how too!

What Is Included In The LinkedIn for Business Course

Up to 4 Hours of Content with Life-long Access

No rush since you have 24/7 access to all course materials without expiration date

Monthly Live LinkedIn Workshops

Open to all enrollees. Attend as regularly as you wish. Bring your LinkedIn business questions.

30-Day Full Refund Policy 

Just submit proof of implementation of our full course teachings showing it didn't improve your stats to [email protected], and we will issue a full refund. 


 Over $ 1,500 worth of value for only $250!


New Content Tips Added Regularly
Monthly Live Events
Life-Long Updates
Private Community 
Special Discounts
And Much More!

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