Forget Pods and Automation Tools.

Boosting your engagement artificially by link sharing is just plain stupid. It doesn't attract your prospects and it confuses the algorithm to who you are trying to reach. Third-party automation tools that promise to help you sales are against LinkedIn's User Agreement (yes, they lie but this is 100% fact) and can your account restricted, resulting in points against you. Why waste your time?

Let's Get You The Clients You Deserve


Stop hearing crickets, listening to weird advice, using tools banned by LinkedIn or toxic engagement pods.
Start tapping into the massive power of LinkedIn to 10x your business!


This is a no-fluff, 100% value-driven cohort program administered live with weekly calls to get you results. Period.

I will show you:


-Where to find your clients
-How to get a response from them
-How to get them on calls
-Tips how to close deals
Rinse and repeat! 🔥 


Best of all: my system only requires 30 minutes total in one day. (Note: this doesn't include any time for prospect calls 😀)

My Program Is The Best on the Market

Most social selling programs suck. The main problems (that my program doesn't have) are:

-Too Time-Consuming!

  Who has all day to spend on LinkedIn? Not I! 30 minutes is my golden number and I close 6-figure clients regularly. 

-Too Spammy! 

Alot of these knucklehead coaches are selling 'copy/paste' scripts "guaranteed to work". 😅😅😅 Instead, they should say: "guaranteed to get you ghosted or even blocked!"

-Using Automation Tools

As a member of the LinkedIn Creators Program, the official one from LinkedIn company, I can tell you that the only tools LinkedIn authorizes is Sales Navigator and LinkedIn's official ad partners. 

-Using Engagement Pods "Link Factories" 

Telling people to follow and like one anothers's posts is about the stupiest thing you can do for your growth. In fact, it has the opposite effect: the larger you grow, the smaller your bank account will become. Trust a business coach who speaks regularly with hundreds of "influencers" who are desperately trying to understand why they have 100k followers yet no clients. Huge mistake! I'll show you the right way to get legitimate clients.


'Nuf said. We got work to do! Join now below.↓


Meet Your Business Coach + Social Sales Expert, Krista


Krista Mollion is the founder of From Zero 2 Six Academy, an online entrepreneurship learning platform, a seasoned business mentor, and a trusted startup advisor. Prior to that, she spent nearly two decades in SaaS marketing as a Partner at Transparent House, a creative 3D/VR agency with A-list Silicon Valley clients like Apple, HP, and Google. Krista runs a podcast called The Solopreneur MBA and a newsletter with 30,000 +subscribers to share advice for solopreneurs. Follow her on LinkedIn, where she has a network of 70,000+.

Working With Krista

I'm known as a hardass but that doesn't stop clients from recognizing the help I've given them. 😀 Because underneath my sharp coaching, they know I truly care about them and their success. ♥️